The Smart Internet of Things School

As education needs evolved, educational software, digital books and applications have increased in availability. Also, as technology advances with the proliferation of Internet-connected mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, users are finding new methods to share information. As a result, educators are exploring ways to use these tools in the classroom to enhance learning and productivity.

Smart School Management:

Schools should not only limit to latest PC’s or tablets in the classrooms. The main objective of the smart school is to efficiently manage the resources and process required to support the teaching and learning function. Other than learning following are the few aspects which are equally important in building a smart school;

  • Security
  • School Governance
  • Student Affairs
  • Educational Resources/External Resources
  • Human Resources and Financial Management

School Infrastructure:

At the core of the smart school is the rock-solid, dependable Wi-Fi network. It must be scalable to handle the rapidly-growing number of smart devices coming onboard. Addressing the security, safety, and privacy concerns inherent in both K-12 and higher education requires comprehensive network management software. Network analytics provide a vital view into the network traffic and performance to ensure there are no data bottlenecks.

IoT technologies, used effectively, increase student engagement and provide a safer learning environment. Teaching can take place in an entirely mobile, highly-responsive milieu. This emerging environment helps ensure that all students are prepared for college and careers, including careers that may not even exist today.

Discover how Canadian schools and universities are incorporating these new technologies and their plans for the future in making education smart by attending the IoT, Big Data Education Summit taking place on October 17-18, 2017 at Richmond Hill Country Club. Participants include CXOs, VPs, Directors, Superintendents and more from School Boards and Universities across Canada. Download the conference brochure for full speaker overview and the agenda. CONFERENCE WEBSITE

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