Reasons to attend the 3rd IoT, Big Data Healthcare Summit Western Canada

A Letter from the Conference’s Chair As a health leader and Certified Health Executive (CHE) with more than 35 years experience from coast to coast, I find this conference continues to inspire me and is an ideal offering. Ideal because of its’ smaller size, participant mix, speaker perspectives, and practical content. These are just a […]

Technological Advancements are Transforming the Healthcare Sector

The healthcare industry is seeing and, will experience big changes in the years ahead. New tech minds in the market, more technologies in smartphone and wearables space, the introduction of the Affordable Care Act–these could all have a wide influence, transforming a sector that hasn’t always moved quickly. Wearable Tracking Devices Patients with a serious […]

New Era of Healthcare; Machine Learning

Machine learning is the understanding of the structure data, so that accurate predictions can be made based on the properties of that data. Some healthcare and technology innovators are collaborating and trying to change our today’s reality by experimenting with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Computers and the algorithms they run can scrub massive amounts of data—much […]

Paul Gallant as Chair of IoT, Big Data in Healthcare!

It is our utmost pleasure to welcome Paul Gallant (CHE) of Gallant HealthWorks as the conference Chair for our upcoming IoT, Big Data in Healthcare Summit Canada this June in Toronto! Committed to professional and community and widely affiliated with one of our partners, Canadian College of Health Leaders, Paul is known to successfully engage […]

Investment on Big Data Worth the Venture

It is evident that the implementation of Big Data technologies in hospitals and healthcare facilities would require large initial investment, but the benefits will most certainly outweigh the costs. As experts have claimed, “…big data can have a positive impact on people thanks to cognitive computing, as doctors and medical researchers have access to data […]

Federal government lagging on online services, documents Warn

The federal government is lagging behind both private sector offerings and Canadians’ expectations in online services, internal documents warn. A full 77 per cent of federal services still cannot be completed over the Internet, documents prepared for Treasury Board President Scott Brison show. “Government is not doing a good enough job of meeting the needs […]

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