IoT, Big Data Healthcare Summit

Providing patients with the best possible care using latest technology is quickly becoming one of the most important aspects of healthcare today. In these modern times of fast and ample communication, health care professionals have to remain in touch and up to date with various technological advancements more ever than before. The IoT, Big Data Healthcare Summit does exactly that: it connects healthcare and technology professionals from many different areas on a single platform where they can not only gather more information about the new tools and technologies in the healthcare market but also learn how to effectively utilize them for their stakeholders’ benefits.

What started as a one-off event has become quite a success with this being our third installment of the summit in Toronto; our fifth all over Canada. Between May 16 and 18, 2018, senior healthcare professionals from hospitals, clinics, healthcare authorities, as well as healthcare technology companies can all come together in this conference and find ways to assist each other in terms of learning about and adopting new technologies to advance the noble profession. Several new technologies have been introduced to healthcare in recent times, such as IoT, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, etc.

The 3rd Annual IoT, Big Data Healthcare Summit can be exceptionally beneficial for all kinds of healthcare, as well as technology and related professionals, such as CXOs/VPs, Directors of Healthcare Strategy, Hospital Directors, Community Healthcare Providers, Healthcare related unions, IT Directors, IT Managers, Technology Experts, Medical Equipment Manufacturers, and Healthcare regulatory representatives from Municipal, Provincial, as well as Federal sectors.

Some of the featured speakers include Peter Bak, CIO of Humber River; Dr. Aviv S. Gladman, CMIO of Mackenzie Health; Rob MacIsaac, President & CEO of Hamilton Health Sciences; Carole Moore, COO of Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital; Sandy Saggar, CIO of Halton Healthcare; and David Wiljer, Executive Director of
Education, Technology & Innovation at the University Health Network.

This 3rd Annual IoT, Big Data Healthcare Summit has evolved over the past three years and its current embodiment is valuable for the afore-mentioned healthcare and technology professionals for several reasons:

• This is the only summit in Toronto and all over Canada that focuses on technology-driven efficiency that provides solutions for challenges faced by all healthcare organizations.
• The conference allows real interaction between the various professionals, who relate their stories and experiences as well as present their case studies outlining their use of new healthcare tools and technologies. Healthcare professionals have the opportunity to learn from other people’s experiences and to gestate in a collaborative environment that fosters efficiency.
• Participants can partake and contribute to high-level discussions and demonstrations with vendors from across Canada introducing new and innovative technology designed to streamline the healthcare process.
• The summit will provide tremendous opportunities for the healthcare professionals to connect, interact, and partner with various new vendors and service providers bringing groundbreaking and state of the art technological solutions to improve service delivery.

If you are interested in sponsoring or attending the summit then, write us at or dial, 416-597-5751


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