INTERVIEW: Chief Technology Officer, City of Vancouver on Intelligent Cities

Jessie Adcock, City of Vancouver’s Chief Technology Officer, who stepped into the role after a successful 3 years as the City’s first Chief Digital Officer, is the opening keynote speaker at the 2nd Annual Intelligent Cities Summit which takes place on October 24-25, 2017 in Toronto, ON.

While preparing for the conference, Adcock has kindly shared some of her views on the use of technology in building Intelligent Cities.

What is an Intelligent City from your perspective?
Adcock: One that has moved along the data paradigm and has started using data to develop insights and wisdom that help it become more relevant and efficient.

How can data analytics be used to bring profound effects on the development of ‘Intelligent Vancouver City’?
Adcock: Data analytics are a game changer once cities have moved on from deploying systems that generate data and information to using that data and information to help them learn more about themselves.

What has been the best technology decision you’ve ever made?
Adcock: The best outcomes occur when we find ways to reuse components we have already deployed and stitch them together in new ways to create new solutions.  This decreases project overheads and increases the ROI on past decisions.

What will you talk about in your presentation at the Intelligent Cities Summit?
Adcock: I will be sharing our journey from the moment we realized that the city needed a strategy to where we are now, sharing examples of how we have involved, and how the evolution positions us for the next wave of change.

Why is this an important topic?
Adcock: It’s universally applicable to all cities, it’s no longer a question of if cities should have a tech/digital strategy, rather, it’s now how do they operationalize it.  Technology change is not a capital project, it’s a way of life and cities need to acclimatize to that reality.

What are you looking forward to the most at the 2nd Annual Intelligent Cities Summit?
Adcock: Hearing from other cities about their experiences and also meeting other people on the same journey.

Hear from Adcock and more than 25 other speakers, including the Chief Transformation Officer of City of Toronto and the Director/Chief Information Technology Officer of City of Calgary at the 2nd Annual Intelligent Cities Summit. Download the conference brochure for full speaker overview and the agenda.

33 municipalities across Canada will be participating at the conference as well as leading technology companies. The conference is already sold out, but an addition 5 seats have been added to give you one last chance to make use of this unique opportunity to hear from and network with the very top city professionals in Canada. We can’t make any promises, though, that these additional seats have not already been taken by the time you read this…

TO REGISTER: visit the conference website, email or call 416-597-5751.

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