Instating Purposeful Interactions

Experts from the Saskatoon Health Region talk about “purposeful interactions in long term care” to move towards achieving safety and relating enhanced experience to the recipients of long term care. They emphasize on the methods used to facilitate apt implementation and support care based on individual needs. There is so much to comprehend about long term resident care and engagement. And Anita Bergen, Manager of Resident Care at Saskatoon Health Region will be available to delve deeper and provide more insight.

Purposeful Interactions in Long Term Care

In an effort to improve the safety and experience of residents in long-term care (LTC), the Ministry of Health has provided direction and funding to support all Health Regions across the province to implement a process they call Purposeful Rounding in 100% of the LTC homes by March 31, 2018. Each year, one-third of LTC homes within the Saskatoon Health Region (SHR) will implement this philosophy over the next three years, for a total of 30 homes.  Throughout the summer, a steering group and education committee were established to guide the principles and processes that will be used to implement this philosophy. Both teams included strong representation from our family representatives. Within SHR we are using the term Purposeful Interactions (PI). The process of implementing PI includes:

 formal education

 gemba observations of resident and care team member interactions

 dedicated time to try ideas and tools in effort to know the residents.

This training encourages care team members to make connections and shift the focus from task orientated care to spontaneous interactions based on building relationships. PI is anticipating needs of the individual resident to not only increase resident safety (reduce falls, bladder incontinence, skin break down, etc.), but also increase resident and care team member satisfaction by knowing the individual resident. At this time, we have begun implementation in 2 homes, Lakeview Pioneer Lodge in Wakaw and Cudworth Nursing Home. The response to the education and observational experiences has been very positive with almost immediate changes being seen in how interactions are occurring between residents and the team. Feedback from the education has been very positive. We look forward to hearing from our residents and family members in our Resident and Family Satisfaction Survey this spring.

[Extract taken from News & Views…LTC LINK, Seniors’ Health and Continuing Care Newsletter, Saskatoon Health Region]

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