Industrial Autonomous Vehicles: IoT, Big Data Transport Summit

In the late 1980s, many people were sure that there would be flying cars by the year 2015 because of how such cars were depicted in the Back to the Future series. It is 2018, and even though there are no flying cars – although Elon Musk recently launched a midnight cherry Tesla Roadster into space, with a full-scale human mannequin dubbed “Starman” after David Bowie’s song of the same name – we do have autonomous cars capable of driving from one destination to another without any human intervention. Such autonomous vehicles are likely to bring significant economic, social, and environmental changes to our societies, businesses included.

However, such automobiles are still relevantly new and businesses and individuals are not entirely aware of how they can be incorporated into the businesses or in their lives. This is why the IoT Events and the City of San Diego are bringing to you the Industrial Autonomous Vehicles: IoT, Big Data Transport Summit in San Diego, CA between June 5 and 6, 2018 so that you can learn more about this fascinating new aspect of our future.

Even though autonomous vehicles have been invented, their use is very limited. Several challenges await this industry, such as trust, regulatory decisions, infrastructure barriers, widespread industry acceptance and cost of development. Safety is also another issue, as recently, a self-driving Tesla crashed into a truck thinking that the road was clear because of how the sky was reflected on the surface of the truck’s trailer. Nevertheless, many industries – including fleet management, oil & gas, defense and industrial – are fast including autonomous vehicles in their logistics portfolios.

Moreover, new technologies are allowing such businesses to remotely communicate with and control such autonomous vehicles in what is known as “teleoperations.” This adds another layer of safety as such autonomous vehicles can operate in conditions deemed too hazardous for humans and also minimize accidents and other untoward incidents, such as those caused by errors and/or fatigue.

Autonomous Vehicles Industry

Yet, not many people are aware of how the autonomous vehicles industry is progressing and what the latest research and development is in this area. This is why we bring you the Industrial Autonomous Vehicles: IoT, Big Data Transport Summit.

Directors and planners of city services, municipal systems administrators, municipal transportation and construction leaders, CEOs, CIOs and senior IT leaders, infrastructure and construction experts, corporate innovation and Smart City decision-makers, technology and related service providers, public works and transportation leaders, fleet operators, logistics managers, VPs, members of insurance industry, transport regulators and operators, futurists, researchers and academia, and consultants & technologists can all benefit from this conference by finding out more about how regulators and policy makers build trust among the industries; how they use smart communication systems for an error-free vehicle; what are some of the connectivity and data protection techniques that are used; and what some of the end-user benefits from autonomous vehicles are.

Participants can take advantage of the Industrial Autonomous Vehicles: IoT, Big Data Transport Summit by listening to top industry professionals and discuss what it takes to establish an advanced autonomous surrounding. The conference will also provide a great networking opportunity with a mix of industry experts and top technology specialists in North America. Participants would be able to enjoy cutting-edge technology presentations, delivering best and innovative solutions to make your vehicles autonomous. They will also be able to learn from leaders in their field giving technical insight and sharing their expertise.


Some of the expert speakers include Ed Humphries, Head of Digital Transformation at Barrick Gold Corporation; Joe Dunlap, Managing Director at CBRE; Sujit Dey, Director at the Centre for Wireless Communications; Adrian Kumar, Vice President, Solutions Design at DHL Logistics; Roger Bostelman, Manager, Intelligent Control of Mobility Systems Program at the National Institute of Standards & Technology; and Dr. Aravind Kaylas, Research and Innovations Manager at Volvo Trucks North America.

Reasons to attend

Attend the Industrial Autonomous Vehicles: IoT, Big Data Transport Summit in San Diego and don’t miss the opportunity to learn many aspects of autonomous vehicles at to that you would be able to:

• Keep up to date on autonomous driving technology across America’s key industries
• Engage in discussions on the benefits on “platooning”, emphasizing on successful case studies
• Learn how remote sensing (GPS, AI, image recognition) can substitute manual operations into leading safer, more efficient means of service delivery
• Emphasize on how to protect data and the importance of secured systems
• Upgrade your current operations to build a more profitable company


We look forward to seeing you on the 5th and 6th of June in San Diego!


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