How Big Data Can Play an Integral Role in an Intelligent Infrastructure

There’s a lot of buzz of “Big Data” around our surrounding. But, how big data can transform our cities that’s the main question. It’s still quite a new trend which makes it an obvious thing for human analysis.

Big data has been described as the “new commodity” for the 21st century economy for its immense, untapped value. It is being used to streamline connectivity, reveal insights about consumer trends and introduce new efficiencies throughout the economy.

As populations grow and resources become insufficient, the efficient consumption of these limited goods becomes more important. Smart cities are a key factor in the consumption of materials and resources. Built on and integrating with big data, the cities of the future are becoming a realization today.

The combination of the IoT and big data is an unexplored research area that has brought new and interesting challenges for achieving the goal of future smart cities. Big data offer the potential for cities to obtain valuable insights from a large amount of data collected through various sources, and the IoT allows the integration of sensors, radio-frequency identification, and Bluetooth in the real-world environment using highly networked services.

As the IOT landscape continues to emerge big data analytics will increasingly be seen as a business enabler, a modern age commodity for its immense, untapped value. This is creating a tremendous opportunity for Canadian industries throughout the economy to improve their business processes and become more competitive.

At the 2nd Annual Intelligent Cities Summit, the very top city officials in Canada and leading technology companies will be discussing what it takes to create intelligent cities, including topics such as infrastructure, safety, economy, libraries, city services and more. Join the conference which takes place on October 24-25, 2017 in Toronto, ON. Download the conference brochure and register here:   PS: Early Birds expire Sept. 15, 2017!

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