New Era of Healthcare; Machine Learning

Machine learning is the understanding of the structure data, so that accurate predictions can be made based on the properties of that data.

Some healthcare and technology innovators are collaborating and trying to change our today’s reality by experimenting with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Computers and the algorithms they run can scrub massive amounts of data—much faster and more accurately than human scientists or medical professionals—to unearth patterns and predictions to enhance disease diagnosis, inform treatment plans and enhance public health and safety.

Machine learning models determine a set of rules using vast amounts of computing power that a human brain would be incapable of processing. The more data a machine learning model is fed, the more complex the rules – and the more accurate the predictions. (Orion Health)

Based on the extraordinary impact improvements to the healthcare system can have for so many people and its potential to save lives and money, healthcare has become a key industry for investment and efforts for AI and machine learning.

Some of the key topics related to the machine learning will also be discussed at 2nd IoT, Big Data Healthcare Summit Western Canada taking place on November 28-29, 2017 in Vancouver, BC. This is the 4th conference in a series of highly successful healthcare summits. Visit the conference website for more information and to download the brochure.

Image source: GNS Healthcare

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