The Role of Libraries as Community and Cultural Centers

Not many people might know or be aware but libraries have played and have been playing an integral role in community services over the past many years. Nevertheless, we find that in an increasingly digital work, the role of libraries as community and cultural centers is being undervalued. In recent times, the municipal budgets have […]

INTERVIEW: Chief Technology Officer, City of Vancouver on Intelligent Cities

Jessie Adcock, City of Vancouver’s Chief Technology Officer, who stepped into the role after a successful 3 years as the City’s first Chief Digital Officer, is the opening keynote speaker at the 2nd Annual Intelligent Cities Summit which takes place on October 24-25, 2017 in Toronto, ON. While preparing for the conference, Adcock has kindly […]

How Big Data Can Play an Integral Role in an Intelligent Infrastructure

There’s a lot of buzz of “Big Data” around our surrounding. But, how big data can transform our cities that’s the main question. It’s still quite a new trend which makes it an obvious thing for human analysis. Big data has been described as the “new commodity” for the 21st century economy for its immense, […]

Why Canada Needs to Make its Cities Intelligent?

Smart cities market size is expected to grow from USD 424.68 Billion in 2017 to USD 1,201.69 Billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 23.1% during the forecast period, mainly due to rapid connectivity and fast telecommunication provision; and growing demography and hyper-urbanization. (MarketsandMarkets) What’s a smart city? According to Wikipedia; A smart city is […]

These Three Companies are Harnessing Big Data to Create Smart Cities

Data is all around us, waiting to be collected, analyzed, and harnessed. When data is used to identify trends, efficiencies in city operations can easily be created, thereby creating “smarter” cities. Unsurprisingly, private tech companies are leading the way with innovative methods of creating safer and more efficient cities. Three companies in particular are pioneering […]

Changing Cities: How Tech Can Help?

Our cities and urban centers are changing, but not just in regular, expected manner, they are changing significantly, both in what they offer and how they offer their services. This has and will continue to have a profound effect on how people live in cities, who lives in cities and how they interact with municipalities and municipal […]

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