Transforming Canadian Education System

The global Education industry is around $4.6 trillion and Canada spends around 8% of its GDP on education. It is widely acknowledged and agreed that our current system was built for an industrial age and we are currently in Knowledge Age. This system was not meant for this age and it’s not the fault of […]

Privacy Breach: Consequence of Faulty Administration Procedures in Education Institutes

Data collection has changed the way schools used to conduct their business. While computers and networks contribute to the efficiency of educational record-keeping, data access, and use, they have not changed the reasons schools need to maintain, share, and use student and staff information. The education community has always required these types of information to […]

These Three Companies are Harnessing Big Data to Create Smart Cities

Data is all around us, waiting to be collected, analyzed, and harnessed. When data is used to identify trends, efficiencies in city operations can easily be created, thereby creating “smarter” cities. Unsurprisingly, private tech companies are leading the way with innovative methods of creating safer and more efficient cities. Three companies in particular are pioneering […]

Changing Cities: How Tech Can Help?

Our cities and urban centers are changing, but not just in regular, expected manner, they are changing significantly, both in what they offer and how they offer their services. This has and will continue to have a profound effect on how people live in cities, who lives in cities and how they interact with municipalities and municipal […]

Macadamian Testimonial

“We generated a few leads at the industrial IoT conference. To that end we would see participating in the IIoT event next year.” — VP Macadamian This is what Macadamian Technologies said about their experience at Industrial IoT, Big Data & M2M Summit. We are very proud to have had them as our sponsor and […]

Testimonials on IoT, Big Data in Healthcare & Industrial IoT, Big Data & M2M Summits

Nearly two weeks after the completion of our IoT, Big Data in Healthcare Summit and Industrial IoT, Big Data & M2M Summit and we are getting great feedback! Here is what some of our speakers and attendees had to say: Ted Lancaster, Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Kia Canada Inc. “Having the opportunity to […]

Successful IoT, Big Data in Healthcare & Industrial IoT Summit!

We are very pleased to announce the successful execution of IoT, Big Data in Healthcare Summit and Industrial IoT, Big Data & M2M Summit! With nearly 40 C-suite executives from 200 attendees across both summits, ranging from hospitals, healthcare organizations to manufacturing, mining and transportation industries. With the concentration on understanding the challenges that both […]

Microsoft Canada at Industrial IoT, Big Data & M2M Summit

Microsoft Canada‘s very own Jeff Lundgren, IoT Practice Lead, will be delivering the technology keynote at Industrial IoT, Big Data & M2M Summit! Listen to the expert discuss the real applications of IoT solutions and how businesses can use the IoT influence to create more efficient business operations and improved results. Only a few complimentary […]

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